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I decided to take on the National Novel Writing Month and brought out Verasimilitude, which is a blogel (a blog and a novel) about a fifteen year old girl who is writing her NaNoWriMo.  It’s kind of like an Escher print, as in what is the reality and the illusion.

The blogel is in the voice of fifteen year old “Vera” who is finding the whole idea of writing nearly 1,700 words a day a bit daunting, especially when she has procrastination and commitment problems.  Throughout her (almost) daily writings she discovers a friend in foreign exchange student Simone, rediscovers her crush Eddie Lipenstein, and realizes that her mom isn’t so bad after all, considering she much prefers her dad.

Vera also struggles to come up with a real novel, something other than her daily postings.  She eventually does through a fan fiction meld of Alice in Wonderland and Hamlet.  Quite the combo, I know.  Her story “Alas in Wonderland” became the seed for a play I developed of the same name.  I have entered it in a contest, and will continue seeking means of getting it published.

I hope you will consider checking out Veranano.  It’s been interesting taking on a different persona and a different blog approach.

Vera has explored:

  • NaNoWriMo
  • December Photo-a-Day

and is currently exploring the poems of Emily Dickinson as the

  • Emily Project

Vera and I (that’s rather schizzy sounding, isn’t it) hope you stop by.

Until then,
Happy Pages,

aka Vera



2 thoughts on “Veranano

  1. Thanks for those who stopped in and visited. Unfotunately running two blogs, at least for the moment, proved more than I was able to manage. For now Vera is on hiatus. My regular blog, CricketMuse, is still going, and I hope you will stop by.
    Blue Skies,
  • wiltedleaf on said:

    What a very pretty dress! Yeup, running more than 1 blog is tough. I already have no life. Now that I have 2 blogs – Oy! I have no idea how there are folks out there who have 20.

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